frissítve 2016. 01. 08.

Criteria system by product groups for the certification

The certification indicates which foodstuffs come close to the nutrient composition deemed ideal within certain limits. Having in mind the very divergent nutrient composition of the different foodstuffs, the criteria can be determined only for product groups.
(Sweet products which realise mostly „empty calorie intake” regarding their high sugar-like carbohydrate as well as alcoholic beverages being undesirable in our diet because of ther alcohol content were deliberately left out from this system. However, their limited consumption would not be occasionally permissible.)

For the time being the system of criteria includes 10 product groups. If such a product is designated for the certification which cannot be ordered to the product groups listed but the Certifying Board – based on suitable properties – is authorised to award the certificate also for this product.

1. Cereal-Based Products
2. Dry Pasta Products
3. Breads, Biscuits, Extruded Breads and Bakery Products
4. Vegetables, Vegetable Dishes and Mushroom Products
5. Fruit Products
6. Alcohol-Free Beverages
7. Fats, Margarine and Vegetable Oils
8. Meat and Fish Products
9. Milk and Dairy Products
10. Ready for Cooking Meals and Preserved Ready-Made Meals