Association for Healthy Hungary (AHH)

The Association was established in 1997. At present it consist of nearly 150 members especially physicians, dietitians, food technologists, sociologists, economists and experts of food industry. The major goal of AHH is to develop and distribute modern and appropriate nutrition education, food labelling, communication and research in nutrition in Hungary. Moreover the main intention of AHH is to realize the association of individuals, institutions and industries in the field of nutrition.

Accordingly the Association is dealing with the following objectives
health maintance, disease prevention, health rehabilitation activities, scientific activities, researches and research organization
promotion and distribution of information;
consumer defense and information to consumers. 

The AHH is engaged in the following activities:
to extend the healthy lifestyle associated knowledge in the community, and to make strong tentions and abilities;
to organize and realize communication, education, and marketing program;
to develop and operate healthy lifestyle, facilitating nutritional modells;
to organize scientific meetings, conferences, to promote co-operation among experts of disease prevention and food industry;
to promote healthy nutritional behavior the healthy nutrition, supporting food marketing and recommendation;
participation in anti-smoking, -alcohol and -drug activities, and supporting and performing programs which are devoted to health maintance and disease prevention;
to promote research dedicated to direction healthy lifestyle and health defense;
to collect international experiences and to adapt and distribute this knowledge;
to produce and distribute healthy lifestyle and disease prevention related leaflets.

AHH continues the activities of "Heart Healthy Nutrition Project in Hungary (HHNH)". The last 4 years several programs and research activities have been carried out in corporition with Szonda-Ipsos and the Central Food Research Institute Hungary.

They are:
nutritional related knowledge among the Hungarian population
alternative nutritional means in promoting health and prevention;
qualitative and quantitative reserch on nutritional habits. 

These above mentioned investigations were carried out between 1997 and 1999 in Hungary in adult population. Similar investigation work was preformed among theachers, house physicians and also among children as a complementary study.

The AHH preformed a representative evaluation in 1998-1999 among 10-11 years old school children about the level of nutritional knowledge. The same study was under progress during the theaching semesters in 2000-2001.

The Association successfully organized media-drives throughout the country, related to the above mentioned topics (TV, outdoor, newspaper), subsequently the AHH evaluated critically the effectiveness of these drives.

The Association organized numerous conferences on its own, and attented about 20 conferences as a co-operative organizer.

According to the agreement with the Ministry of Health, the Association has the exclusive right of labelling the "heart helthy products" as well as the control of these labelled foods. At present 25 products are qualificated labelled.

In order to make "heart healthy products" popular, the association organized promotion-drives in different foodstores.

Name: Association for Healthy Hungary
Address: 1580 Budapest, Pf. 124